Loss, Life, Love: Kelsea Ballerini Steals The Ryman’s Heart

Just in time for Valentine’s day, Kelsea Ballerini’s heartbreak and love story took over the Ryman Auditorium. With the help of the young and inspiring Bailey Bryan, and the up and coming hit machine Walker Hayes; It was the perfect valentines present for all the single ladies out there. And I guess you too, couples.

Bailey Bryan is a storyteller for this generation. There’s not one song young girls can’t relate or admire. Her only being 20 years old, there’s some kind of bond us young girls have with her. Bailey’s EP dropped last spring and all of her tracks are beyond impressive. Her song “Used To”, that I first heard in the summer has made me feel not so alone in the college process of moving away, and it was exactly what I needed. You can find her EP “So Far” here on Spotify, and here on Apple Music.

Walker Hayes can surely entertain a crowd. All of his songs are remarkably better live and have you off your feet. My best friend and I have been obsessed with his soon to be hit “Shut Up Kenny”, and I don’t care how much you say it’s a “diss” to Kenny Chesney because this is the best shower bop a girl could ever ask for. Also, he sang his climbing charts track “You Broke Up With Me”, currently peaking #9 on Hot Country Songs on Billboard. It’s safe to say that opening for Kelsea is just the beginning of Walker’s story, and I can’t wait to see the next chapter for him.

Now, Kelsea Ballerini’s intro was the best damn thing to get you hyped up. She, of course, played her album “Unapologetically” to show the order of loss, life, and love. And man when she started with Graveyard, you sure as hell bet I was off my feet. Here was her intro, you’re welcome.

It being Valentines Day and all, Kelsea Ballerini brought the hubby, Morgan Evans, on stage for the most romantic goal-seeking relationship I’ve ever seen. First of all, he brought her a bouquet of roses on stage. Secondly, they sang a duet together to a song Morgan wrote a song about Kelsea called “Dance With Me.” Yes, I might’ve shed a tear. You will too.

Kelsea headlining her show at The Ryman Auditorium is such a breakthrough and accomplishment for a young woman like her. Her writing process and storyline of “Unapologetically” is something that many artists can’t compete with. You could tell how extremely thankful and excited she was; not only for this show, but also her single “Legends” was close to hitting No. 1 on country airplay, and you sure bet it did the end of last week.

I hope I didn’t give away too much of Kelsea’s killer headlining tour. I unapologetically dropped all of my money into this show, and you should do the same.


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