UMG Nashville

Jordan Davis Album Debut “Home State”

Jordan Davis debuted his album for UMG Nashville called, “Home State.”  It dropped March 23 that’s full of potential hits that everyone needs to hear. We all know his single “Singles You Up,” which currently just hit No. 1 on Billboard country airplay. It’s only matter of time before his career takes off with this entire album.

There are 12 tracks of creative sounds; I am addicted. Jordan’s focus on lyrics through this album seemed most important to him. I’m not complaining, they are golden. Especially in “Tough To Tie Down,” written by Jordan Davis, Ben Daniel, Pavel Dovgalyuk. Hands down the top respected song on this album. For once the girl’s in control and I’m obsessed. Thanks, Jordan.

“She’s got too much run and too much wild,

She don’t hold back, no she don’t hide

She’s always drifted and always dreaming

She’s good at loving but better at leaving”

Next, that’s coming close to most played in a day is “Made That Way,” written by Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, and Scooter Carusoe. These lyrics are a gem. They’re killing the detailed quirks about what makes a girl the way she is. I’m completely obsessed. It’s a different kind of love song that’s ready to tear up the charts. This has been probably the most looped on my Spotify. I might be half the loops, it’s alright.

“You don’t overthink

But you’re a complicated mess

Not afraid to make mistakes

Hold your cards close to your chest..”

Producer and songwriter, Paul DiGiovanni, is ALL over this album. Producing albums from Dan & Shay to Blake Shelton, he didn’t disappoint in these tracks. These are only a couple of songs I’ve constantly been listening to the past few weeks. It’s been awhile since an album has caught my attention to listen to non-stop, and I finally found an album for the summer.

Make sure you give his album a listen and check out his future tour dates here!



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