Cale Dodds Has People Watching

It was about two years ago when I first ran into Cale Dodds at a juice shop. I stared at him for way too long to figure out that I was listening to his music on Spotify. I went up to him holding my phone with his Spotify profile showing and asked, “Is this you?” Oh how far we’ve come, from the juice bar to watching him perform at CMA fest as many times as I could.

The Georgia native is just starting to showcase what he’s capable of. Having written a hit for A Thousand Horses, he has also released an independent EP “People Watching”. All of his songs have over a million streams and aren’t stopping there. He’s now signed to Warner Music Nashville and has released more than a few singles. His latest single “Take You Back” no doubt will take over country airplay.

Behind every artist is their story of how music came into the picture, and Cale’s is a little different than having a musical family background.

“I, my brother, and my parents loved music,” Cale says. “We’re always playing records and taking us to concerts. I always make the joke with my dad that he couldn’t even play the radio. It was one of those things where we just loved music. We’ve loved it as young kids and as we got older it was like we wanna do that, you know? My dad was an athlete and my mom was a nurse so they bought us this starter kit and after that, we didn’t care about sports or school, we just wanted to play music.”

And here he is at CMA fest doing what he was born to do. Cale doesn’t only have the musical talent to make it big, but his humbleness and perseverance are what is going to get him to the top. He’s the most personable artist I’ve ever met and I know fans are going to notice that as he grows into the superstar he strives to be.

Make sure you spin, request, and blast his new single “Take You Back,” because he’s just getting started.


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