Taylor Swift’s “Big Reputation” Tour Exceeds Your Expectations

Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour has taken over stadiums all over the country, including Metlife Stadium. Not only was she able to play one show, she played three. Swift is the first female headliner to play Metlife three times, which is the breakthrough push female artists needed.

I’ll be honest, I’ve always been shakey with Taylor Swift over the years. I’ve grown up listening to her music but never saw what other people see in her. It took me a few listens to get into her new album Reputation but when I got into, man I got into it. It’s the most bad-ass record I’ve heard in a while. It’s different, vulnerable, mature, something only Taylor Swift can pull off. That’s the cool thing about music, sometimes you grow into loving something you never thought you’d even like. I knew I wanted to see her live after all these years of hearing how well she performs, but of course, it was a bit pricey. After having the opportunity to see the Reputation tour, I would drop money I don’t even have on seeing her again.

The production she put had you asking yourself millions of questions. How, what, who, when? Yes, it was that good. She made sure to have every inch of the crowd involved. Flying over to the other side of the stadium and performing a couple songs. She played a few different throwback songs each night including “Fearless”, “Clean”, and at my show, she sang “Enchanted.” My inner 12-year-old self-came out real quick. The fact that it was POURING rain for two nights and she still put on a breathtaking show is something you’d think that would only happen in the movies.

Rain or shine, Taylor Swift is an entertainment icon. She knows how to gather a crowd and make remarkable memories with everyone who attends her shows. I will never get over how amazing her show was and I can’t stop thinking about when I’m going to see her next. If you’re even thinking a little bit about attending, do it. The old Taylor might be “dead” but the new one is someone everyone should experience live.

Here’s her setlist!

  1. Taylor Swift Setlist – July 22, 2018
  2. “…Ready for It?” (best intro ever)
  3. “I Did Something Bad” 
  4. “Gorgeous”
  5. “Style – Love Story – You Belong With Me”
  6. “Look What You Made Me Do”
  7. “End Game” 
  8. “King of My Heart”
  9. “Delicate” (just went #1 on pop radio..by the way)
  10. “Shake It Off” (with Charli XCX and Camila Cabello)
  11. “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” (acoustic)
  12. “Enchanted” (acoustic)
  13. “Blank Space”
  14. “Dress”
  15. “Bad Blood” – “Should’ve Said No”
  16. “Don’t Blame Me
  17.  “Long Live” – “New Year’s Day” (piano)
  18. “Getaway Car”
  19. “Call It What You Want”
  20. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

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