Lennon Stella: Love, me

Tuesday night, November 26 at the Basement East in Nashville, Lennon Stella played her first ever live show after going solo. Starting out with her actress and singing career on the music drama CMT show Nashville, Stella is far from done with her career in the music industry. She went from being a duet with her sister, Maisy Stella, to starting her solo career just signing with Columbia Records. The nineteen-year-old is ready to take over the music what she has been destined for.

Stella is planned to release her project as part of a joint venture between RECORDS and Sony Music, but so far, the EP she just released has been nothing but hit after hit. But first, let’s discuss the singles she released. The catchy, sassy, playful song “Bad,” that currently has over 6 million streams on Spotify and counting. Moreover, she followed “Bad” by releasing the relatable ballad “Like Everybody Else” that hit home for being the most heartbreaking, most real melody that everyone needs to hear. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Stella released “Polaroid” featuring Liam Payne and Jonas Blue. Also dropping “Breakaway,” and one of my absolute favorites she just dropped, “Fortress” and both are on her new EP.

Her new EP, Love, me has Lennon’s personality all over it. It’s memorable, exciting, and puts a different spin on pop music. The tracks I didn’t mention that are on her EP, “Feelings” and “La Di Da;” she also played at her show Tuesday night that had the crowd screaming out the lyrics and dancing. Some of her tracks that haven’t been released yet that she played are “Bitch,” “Myself” and “Leave Me Alone.” Just at her first show, the fans showed Stella that they are ready for her to take over the world with her new music. 

There’s something different about Stella. She’s young. has the pop-scene in the palm of her hands, and has an old-soul that connects with every generation. You can classify her as pop, but she has her own special touch on each song that makes you want to declare her own genre. Every track she has been releasing keeps getting more unique and impacts people’s lives with what they’re going through. She’s establishing herself as a total badass and is on the ladder to becoming a pop phenomenon. 


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