Up & Coming Artist: Mac Hunt

Nineteen-year-old Mac Hunt’s love for music started before he can even remember. His dad plays guitar and played in a band from high school through medical school. He also has a collection of guitars in their basement where they also have a small studio. With his family all being very musical, Hunt and his two brothers sing and love music. But when they were little, his brother, Will, is the main reason he got into music. He would always be singing around the house. I thought it was really cool, and he challenged me to try singing in front of him,” Hunt says. “ I remember I sang the song “When You Look Me in the Eyes” by the Jonas Brothers and it gave me a feeling I had never felt before.”

While music was his first love, Hunt has also been around sports since he was little. Both of his parents played collegiate sports, which sparked his interest to try athletics on his own. Hunt was always tall as a kid, therefore he tried basketball in the 2nd grade and hasn’t stopped since. The endless practicing and traveling the country playing, he knew he wanted to seek basketball at the highest level possible.However, when my brother Will had a heart transplant at 16 years old, my outlook on life completely changed. I wanted to get the most out of every day possible. That’s when I knew I had to start pursuing music,” Hunt explained.

“My brother Will is the most genuine, selfless, and caring person I’ve ever known. I want to do what he does every day: spread love and happiness to others while being himself regardless of what others think. I feel like the best way to do that is to do it through music that can relate to everyone. Thank you to my brother, Will, for being my true role model and for challenging me to chase my dreams.”

Mac Hunt

Born in Houston, Texas, but raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Hunt decided to pursue basketball at Vanderbilt University. He didn’t even plan to ever do both music and basketball at the same time, but it’s what he loves to do. Hunt says, Sure, it can get really busy, but that’s what life is all about, making the most out of every single day and every opportunity. Life is also about being your true and genuine self, and I am not myself without basketball and music.”

Working on music while it’s basketball season can certainly get busy. He usually dedicates time after practice and devotes time to produce music and obtain new ideas while they’re out of town. You’d be surprised how much you can fit into one day, you just have to be able to compartmentalize and try to be as organized as possible,” Hunt mentioned.

Speaking of new ideas, Hunt draws inspiration from his life and other’s lives in order for him to write meaningful lyrics that can relate to everyone. He loves writing in parallels and double entendres, and we can hear that in his current single “Doubts.” This track has over 100,000 streams on Spotify right now and counting. He explains about the song, I write a lot about relationships, but the lyrics always concern me or my relationships. Specifically, my first single “Doubts” is written about my brother, Will, but is written in the form of a relationship. That relationship has to do with my brother and I, for the most part.”

“Being vulnerable is key for me with writing lyrics. Everyone has their own stories and ups and downs, so if I am vulnerable about my personal life and my experiences, I’m sure others will hopefully relate.” 

Mac Hunt

Numbers never matter to Hunt, just the fact that people listen to the music he has written and produced is the most surreal part of it all. You can listen to the catchy tune “Doubts” on all digital platforms to get a sneak-peak on what’s coming in 2019.

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