Up & Coming Artist: Jamie Gabrielle

Growing up in New Jersey, Jamie Gabrielle started singing with her grandma at a young age. They would always watch movies and sing along together, sparking her career very young. She began writing songs in high school as she started to understand music theory more.  She taught herself piano and guitar, preparing her to become the inspiring songwriter she is today. 

Moving to Nashville opened up her world to many new experiences. “It enabled me to start playing writer’s rounds and meeting a lot more people,” Gabrielle said. “It’s really inspiring to work with people who are better than you, and you learn a lot. It really brought me out of my shell.” 

Not only did Nashville help Gabrielle break out of her comfort zone, but her appearance on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart taught her to not be such a perfectionist. “I experienced a lot of stage fright, and going on there really pushed me considering they were some of the biggest performances I’ve ever had,” Gabrielle said. “I could learn a song faster than I thought, especially working with another person.” She became a better teammate and learned to advocate for herself if something wasn’t working out for her. “That environment required a lot of me in a short amount of time, but I had the tools from Nashville and school to help me through it,” Gabrielle said. 

Gabrielle’s single, “Go To Your Head,” dropped in May and already has over 100,000 streams. The track is produced by Cameron James, who was mentored by talented songwriter and producer Busbee. “The inspiration came from a relationship where I always had to tell myself, ‘Don’t let it go to your head,’” Gabrielle said. “But when you really care about someone you want them to know how you feel.” 

“I’ll be your shot of bourbon given courage, make you warmer than whiskey when you’re with me. I meant what I said let it all go to your head”

“Go To Your Head” – Jamie Gabrielle

People saw Gabrielle fall in love on Listen To Your Heart, and she wanted to show her journey to becoming more confident in expressing her feelings through this song. 

“Go To Your Head” is available to buy or stream on all digital platforms. Make sure to follow Gabrielle’s social media for more updates. 

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