Dalton Mauldin Drops First Single Off EP “gray”

After Dalton Mauldin’s recent successes with his recent drop “Blinded” surpassing 500,000 streams and “I Look Good On You” reaching over 100,000 spins on Spotify, Mauldin’s anticipated single off his first EP gray has arrived. 

Mauldin’s project gray has been a long time coming – living in his head before coming to life. Instead of writing his songs over a short period of time, the EP’s first song “mine” was written last fall. He wrote it with his friend Pierre Alexander after discussing past relationships and how unusual it all felt.

“It was weird to have all of the materialistic things even after the breakup ended,” Mauldin said. “But in the end to think that the person was never really mine.” 

Choosing the first song off the EP was a difficult decision, and ultimately came down to “mine” and a different track. 

“I sent it to a friend of mine, Parker Livingston, and he put a new twist to the song that I thought was incredible,” Mauldin said. “ I knew right away it would be the first single and I think it’s the perfect song to explain the whole idea of the EP.”

Mauldin’s favorite part about recording gray was finding comfortability in being vulnerable. 

“I showed a lot of my friends these songs and explained the stories behind them, which is something I’ve never done before,” Mauldin said. “To be able to let my guard down and talk about these feelings with people has helped me grow as an artist.”

Mauldin wants listeners to have a better understanding of him after hearing it. 

“I feel like this is my first project where people will see me for who I am as they follow along with the stories behind the songs,” Mauldin said. “ I hope these songs can help people get through whatever they’re struggling with, with the windows down in the car, screaming it at the top of their lungs.”

Mauldin’s upcoming EP gray will drop sooner than we think.

“mine” is available to buy or stream on all digital platforms.

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Canaan Cox drops new EP “Stilettos”

Canaan Cox found his music career in his genes. His dad writes music and his mom played in a band. He grew up in a large family of seven, always having an audience and that strong craving of attention. It wasn’t until he made the move to Nashville that he knew that he could make a name for himself. 

“Nashville is definitely the place to create buzz in town, network, and get the ‘car out of the garage’ as my day would say,” Cox said. “Talent is necessary but I don’t think people understand how much of a business it is.” 

The entrepreneur mindset was something that Cox had to find out through hard work and viewing himself as a brand/business. 

“Once I got here I was off to the races,” Cox said. “Everyone’s story is different on how they got to where they are, I’m just still writing mine.”

– Canaan Cox

Cox’s latest drop “He Loves Me” comes from his dad being his best friend. “From wrecking the Ford Bronco to jumping in the Jeep after football practice when I was playing termite football saying I wanted to quit, everything is true,” Cox said. “He’s a huge reason I continue to push hard at this career.” 

Cox explained that his dad is the reason he is who he is today and there will never be enough time to explain how much he means to him. 

Not only did Cox release “He Loves Me” in late June, but last week his new EP “Stilettos” dropped. “I wrote down everything I wanted to accomplish digitally this year,” Cox said. “I’ve finished the list, including this EP.” 

Cox has been working on the EP “Stilettos” since November 2019 and couldn’t be more excited to share it with everyone. 

“I focused more on what I specifically loved about music and put that magic into my own product,” Cox said. “This EP is the definition of Canaan Cox.” His craving for creativeness and different stages of his writing career is shown throughout the tracklist. 

With the craziness of COVID-19, Cox also started his own production company, Wait For It Entertainment, focusing on helping other artists tell their stories. “With most of my music videos I direct, produce, edit and even choreograph,” Cox said. “I come from a musical theatre background but I’ve always loved being behind the camera.” 

Cox is in production now for the music video of his EP’s title track “Stilettos”, which is coming out sooner than we think. 

“Stilettos” is available to buy or stream on all digital platforms. Make sure to follow Cox’s social media for more updates.

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Up & Coming Artist: Jamie Gabrielle

Growing up in New Jersey, Jamie Gabrielle started singing with her grandma at a young age. They would always watch movies and sing along together, sparking her career very young. She began writing songs in high school as she started to understand music theory more.  She taught herself piano and guitar, preparing her to become the inspiring songwriter she is today. 

Moving to Nashville opened up her world to many new experiences. “It enabled me to start playing writer’s rounds and meeting a lot more people,” Gabrielle said. “It’s really inspiring to work with people who are better than you, and you learn a lot. It really brought me out of my shell.” 

Not only did Nashville help Gabrielle break out of her comfort zone, but her appearance on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart taught her to not be such a perfectionist. “I experienced a lot of stage fright, and going on there really pushed me considering they were some of the biggest performances I’ve ever had,” Gabrielle said. “I could learn a song faster than I thought, especially working with another person.” She became a better teammate and learned to advocate for herself if something wasn’t working out for her. “That environment required a lot of me in a short amount of time, but I had the tools from Nashville and school to help me through it,” Gabrielle said. 

Gabrielle’s single, “Go To Your Head,” dropped in May and already has over 100,000 streams. The track is produced by Cameron James, who was mentored by talented songwriter and producer Busbee. “The inspiration came from a relationship where I always had to tell myself, ‘Don’t let it go to your head,’” Gabrielle said. “But when you really care about someone you want them to know how you feel.” 

“I’ll be your shot of bourbon given courage, make you warmer than whiskey when you’re with me. I meant what I said let it all go to your head”

“Go To Your Head” – Jamie Gabrielle

People saw Gabrielle fall in love on Listen To Your Heart, and she wanted to show her journey to becoming more confident in expressing her feelings through this song. 

“Go To Your Head” is available to buy or stream on all digital platforms. Make sure to follow Gabrielle’s social media for more updates. 

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ODELL Releases Track “17 Hours”

NASHVILLE, TENN. (May 29, 2020) — Independent artist ODELL has released today his second single “17 Hours”. The anticipated single follows ODELL’S first single “Eventually,” which accumulated 60 THOUSAND plays on Spotify. ODELL was put on the social media map when he was a contestant on Season 10 of NBC’s Emmy-Award “The Voice” in 2016.
Packed with ODELL’s impeccable vocal tones and ambient sounds, “17 Hours” is penned by ODELL himself and produced by John Luke Lewis.  
The idea behind “17 Hours” started in 2019 while he was thinking about a past relationship. He was struggling with handling the breakup, not because he couldn’t handle it, but because he didn’t handle it at all. “The idea is best described as the breaking point after the breakup,” ODELL says. “You drive into the night trying to get away from it all, but you still end up in the same place you were when you started, avoiding the breakdown.” The song comes from hopeless romantic escapism that takes you to a midnight drive trying to clear your thoughts.

Click HERE to listen to “17 Hours”

Lennon Stella: Love, me

Tuesday night, November 26 at the Basement East in Nashville, Lennon Stella played her first ever live show after going solo. Starting out with her actress and singing career on the music drama CMT show Nashville, Stella is far from done with her career in the music industry. She went from being a duet with her sister, Maisy Stella, to starting her solo career just signing with Columbia Records. The nineteen-year-old is ready to take over the music what she has been destined for.

Stella is planned to release her project as part of a joint venture between RECORDS and Sony Music, but so far, the EP she just released has been nothing but hit after hit. But first, let’s discuss the singles she released. The catchy, sassy, playful song “Bad,” that currently has over 6 million streams on Spotify and counting. Moreover, she followed “Bad” by releasing the relatable ballad “Like Everybody Else” that hit home for being the most heartbreaking, most real melody that everyone needs to hear. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Stella released “Polaroid” featuring Liam Payne and Jonas Blue. Also dropping “Breakaway,” and one of my absolute favorites she just dropped, “Fortress” and both are on her new EP.

Her new EP, Love, me has Lennon’s personality all over it. It’s memorable, exciting, and puts a different spin on pop music. The tracks I didn’t mention that are on her EP, “Feelings” and “La Di Da;” she also played at her show Tuesday night that had the crowd screaming out the lyrics and dancing. Some of her tracks that haven’t been released yet that she played are “Bitch,” “Myself” and “Leave Me Alone.” Just at her first show, the fans showed Stella that they are ready for her to take over the world with her new music. 

There’s something different about Stella. She’s young. has the pop-scene in the palm of her hands, and has an old-soul that connects with every generation. You can classify her as pop, but she has her own special touch on each song that makes you want to declare her own genre. Every track she has been releasing keeps getting more unique and impacts people’s lives with what they’re going through. She’s establishing herself as a total badass and is on the ladder to becoming a pop phenomenon. 

Puppies Make Dan & Shay Happy

Happy one year to this little blog of happiness! For my one year post, I’m going to go back to where it all began for me in country music, Dan & Shay. I know what you’re thinking, shouldn’t I have grown up with listening to Garth Brooks and Shania Twain? Truthfully I’ve never appreciated the 90s country until I listened to the new. Dan & Shay was that for me.

I was probably fifteen-years-old when I first saw Dan & Shay. I watched them open up for Hunter Hayes at Mohegan Sun Arena and I remember I have never been so excited about a concert in my entire life. This was during the time where country music was “changing” and I never really saw this coming where I would be so invested in this genre. They completely changed my perspective on country music. From their first album Where It All Began to winning awards and coming out with a self-titled album, they are the role-models of hard work and persistence. Most importantly, they know how to build relationships with their fans.

Not only has music been put first, but something near and dear to their hearts that has always stood out to me the most is Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue.

“Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue is committed to ‘Helping His Helpless’ through quality care and healing, adoptions, and population control awareness.”

Dan & Shay incorporate Proverbs 12:10 on almost every social platform they possibly can. Their music video for their track “Nothing Like You” includes dogs from the shelter and it has over 8 million views. 

Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue is a no-kill, not-for-profit charitable organization based in Middle Tennessee. Dan Smyers and his wife, Abby, have three dogs and continue to foster many. There are many animals out there that need a home or foster care. If you want to help, they make it easy! Their Amazon wish-list delivers directly to them. Also, If you want to volunteer, you can here. Tomorrow they’re holding a bake sale at Petco in Bellevue 11-2 during adoption hoursThey will also be having a fundraiser for their third annual Golf Scramble in November; you can purchase your tickets here.

If you just simply want to donate, you can here.

As Dan & Shay continue to show their loyalty to Proverbs 12:10, I hope they know their supporting of something they humbly characterize does not go unnoticed. They are lending their voices to help animals find their forever home!

Patrick Droney Is The Sound Of This Generation

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to find an EP & artist that inspires me. Patrick Droney’s debut EP has been the best thing that could have happened to my past weekend. I’ve been excited about music, but never this excited for what’s to come for this artist. Every single track is such a memorizing sound that it’s addicting. You know the phrase “if you see beauty in something, don’t wait for others to agree?” Well damn, this EP is completely flawless.

Especially his track “Brooklyn,” my mouth dropped when I first heard this. This is a monster of a song. He completely nailed the New York vibe and made me feel something I haven’t felt about music in a long time. Droney has a powerhouse of a voice and nobody could pull off this track but him. It has over 60,000 loops on Spotify and will probably have too many to count by the end of this week, (I keep checking because I’m intrigued and a tad obsessed).

His other tracks: “Stand and Deliver,” “Ruined,” “Always Been the End of the World,” and “High Hope” are just as mesmerizing. It’s a mix between old school and new. Seriously, this EP is the real deal. I give it a little time before the world recognizes his talent. It’s refreshing to hear something that you can believe every lyric & melody just by a few listens. Droney is the sound of this generation. A big thank you to him for showing me what I needed to feel when I didn’t even know it myself. Make sure you give his EP a listen, it’ll be an experience you won’t regret.


Jordan Davis Album Debut “Home State”

Jordan Davis debuted his album for UMG Nashville called, “Home State.”  It dropped March 23 that’s full of potential hits that everyone needs to hear. We all know his single “Singles You Up,” which currently just hit No. 1 on Billboard country airplay. It’s only matter of time before his career takes off with this entire album.

There are 12 tracks of creative sounds; I am addicted. Jordan’s focus on lyrics through this album seemed most important to him. I’m not complaining, they are golden. Especially in “Tough To Tie Down,” written by Jordan Davis, Ben Daniel, Pavel Dovgalyuk. Hands down the top respected song on this album. For once the girl’s in control and I’m obsessed. Thanks, Jordan.

“She’s got too much run and too much wild,

She don’t hold back, no she don’t hide

She’s always drifted and always dreaming

She’s good at loving but better at leaving”

Next, that’s coming close to most played in a day is “Made That Way,” written by Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, and Scooter Carusoe. These lyrics are a gem. They’re killing the detailed quirks about what makes a girl the way she is. I’m completely obsessed. It’s a different kind of love song that’s ready to tear up the charts. This has been probably the most looped on my Spotify. I might be half the loops, it’s alright.

“You don’t overthink

But you’re a complicated mess

Not afraid to make mistakes

Hold your cards close to your chest..”

Producer and songwriter, Paul DiGiovanni, is ALL over this album. Producing albums from Dan & Shay to Blake Shelton, he didn’t disappoint in these tracks. These are only a couple of songs I’ve constantly been listening to the past few weeks. It’s been awhile since an album has caught my attention to listen to non-stop, and I finally found an album for the summer.

Make sure you give his album a listen and check out his future tour dates here!


Unapologetically Obsessed With Kelsea Ballerini’s New Album

Kelsea Ballerini did it again. Having such high expectations for her new album “Unapologetically,” and she fulfilled them. I’ve been very impatient after hearing her teasers she released a few months ago, and now that it’s finally here, I can say it’s the best lyrically written album I’ve heard this year.

Her album written as a storyline of her life is so unique and relatable to people, especially young women. We’re growing up with her from “Graveyard’ to Legends,” and that’s what makes it so special. From start to finish this album is pure gold and there ins’t a song that isn’t a hit.

She’s played some of her new songs on the road, but I’d have to say some of my favorites are the tracks that she saved for us to hear.

Starting with “Machine Heart, ” written by Kelsea, Greg Wells, and James Abrahart. This track is one of the pure songs for girls in their teens/twenties going through finding out who they are and realizing their heart isn’t something people can take advantage of. It’s about self actualization. Kelsea nailed the lyrics. There are too many lyrics I can pull out, pretty much the entire song, but the words that really stood out to me were:

“I kept it quiet
But now you’ll hear it scream
Cause good or bad or right or wrong
It’s finally found its beat”

Her emphasis when she sings the lyrics stands out. You don’t even need to be actually paying attention when you hear the song, because it’s striking enough to grab your attention right back to it when you hear it.

Ladies, “Get over Yourself” written by Kelsea, Shane McAnally and Ross Copperman is the sassy bop of the century. The amount of times I’ve replayed this song and felt like a badass is unhealthy.

“I didn’t miss a beat when I heard you were seeing, somebody else
And, I’m, over you thinking that every move that I’m making is just a game that I’m playing, because my heart is still breaking
Boy, I’m over you, I’m over you”

She unleashed her inner ego that every girl has been wanting/needing to hear. If you forced me to pick a favorite song from this album, this would be it.

“In Between” written by Kelsea, Jimmy Robbins, and Shane McAnally shows exactly what us college students are thinking. We’re all stuck in the middle of not knowing what we’re doing, but somehow Kelsea calmed it down for us in this melody. I think it’s a song us girls need to hear when we’re not exactly sure where our place is in life.

“I’m half head up in the clouds, half feet down on the ground
‘Cause it ain’t that simple
As an adult sittin’ on that page when they say, “Act your age“
But you’re stuck there in the middle”

Kelsea says “It captures as honestly as I could exactly where I’m at in my life right now,” and I think every girl can relate. It’s the last song she recorded for her album and one of her favorites.

Kelsea’s future is nothing but up from here. She is going to be the game-changer for women in country music, whether people like it or not. After dropping “Unapologetically,” she’s dangerous in the music industry. There’s not one song on this album that can’t break top 10 on the charts, take a listen for yourself.


Russell Dickerson: Yours Album Release Kick-Off

Russell Dickerson proved himself on Wednesday night that he’s the up-and-coming entertainer of the year. His energy and love for his fans made the opening night in Nashville for his album release even more special. There wasn’t one second where you weren’t jumping around not having a care in the world. That’s when you know you’re at a good show; you’re making remarkable memories dancing like a complete idiot.

Russell’s debut album Yours dropped on Oct 13, and has nothing but absolute jams left and right. Even though his album is all about being confidently taken and in love, it’s refreshing because I think we’re all a little too used to break-up ballads, along with the catchiest songs you’ll ever hear.

“Some people try to put on this facade of being single and desirable, but some people want a relationship. That’s what’s changed for me, is being confident in being taken. It’s the best thing ever.” – Russell Dickerson, Billboard.

Russell being in love and not caring who knows, has made Yours a 12-track love letter to his wife. Along with Yours being his album title, his single “Yours” fulfilled his big break on the charts. “This is my splash into this industry and this business,” Russell tells Billboard about the song “Yours.” “I’m so proud of everything on the record, but that song in particular has done it for me, so I wanted to continue on with that title.” 

He sang almost every song on Yours, and lucky for you I recorded all of them. I won’t give too much away; you’re going to have to go see him live yourself.

“Low Key” is one of the stripped-down songs on Yours, but it’s high key the slow song that still makes you want to sway back-and-forth. It’s a laid-back love song that I think everyone can relate to, staying in with your partner and doing absolutely nothing but ordering takeout and watching Netflix. Even if you don’t have a partner, honestly just relate it to yourself, staying in and doing nothing like it’s your job.

“Would You Love Me” is the most romantic bop I’ve ever listened to. Can you tell he’s in love yet? Russell had the crowd letting loose to this one. His “relationship goals” with his wife are reflecting to think we’re also involved in their relationship with this song. It positively struck the crowd even though the whole front row were 18-21 years olds.

His concert was the right amount of fun you needed to take the stress off. Russell is always up-beat and made to be an entertainer; his album clearly reflects that. His uplifting and positive personality indicates what kind of artist he is and what he is going to become. Even if you’re not in love and feel as if you can’t relate to Yours, I’m an 18-year-old blasting this in my dorm with my friends since it came out, trust me, you can do it. Go ahead and take a listen; you might surprise yourself.