Tin Pan South Night One: Jordan Walker, Tyler Rich, John Gurney, and Adam Doleac

To kick off Tin Pan South on a Tuesday night, I attended my first round including Tyler Rich, Jordan Walker, John Gurney, and a special guest Adam Doleac.

Jordan Walker, who was previously a part of Walker Mcguire, sang his smash hit “When It Rains It Pours” that changed his life for the better. “This was my first ever hit and it got me a wife and a house. I wrote this song with one of my best friends in the world, Ray Fulcher and a guy named Luke Combs,” Walker says. “The day we wrote this song Luke I had known for about 2 hours and he said he wanted to write a song about his ex-girlfriend and I go yeah I can write a breakup song. Then he says I really wanna write it about her mom though. And I said alright, now I’m very interested. I say let’s write a song about your ex-future mother-in-law” and the rest is history. Walker also performed his Walker Mcguire track “Mysteries Of The World” along with a song he penned with Mitchell Tenpenny called “Mixed Drinks” that’s currently on Tenpenny’s EP.

John Gurney is an artist you need to keep an eye on. He currently has singles you can stream and buy. “Home With Her” has over 11 million streams and his new track just released in January “That’s How You Got It” has 700,000 streams and counting. Gurney also performed his track that’s released called “Fairytale Dress.” “I was fortunate to win the 2018 NSAI Song Contest, presented by CMT with this one,” Gurney says. “It did a lot for me in the last year. It’s all about holding onto the look of innocence that we hold onto when we’re young and trying to bring that into adulthood.” He also played a clever track I hope he releases soon called “Drink I Think.” The chorus says “I could use a drink I think / but every time I drink I think of you” and he explained that it was inspired by a late-night conversation on Broadway.

“Drink I Think” – John Gurney

California native Tyler Rich started off his turn by introducing “Made For A Small Town” that he comes from a little town north of Sacramento; where the only thing it’s famous for is the feral chickens that run around on the highway. Rich also brought out an old song he has never played before called “Lost Time.” He played his potential single that he just recorded and it’s a fan favorite, “Leave Her Wild.” It’s about Rich being in a controlling relationship and him realizing she was turning him into something he’s not. “I’ve realized this thing about relationships, I see friends that meet someone and they like them and they spend an entire relationship trying to change them into their vision rather than just letting a person be themselves,” Rich says. “My buddy in the writer’s room said if you’re going to make a woman do something, make her smile. I said to write that down and then the whole chorus poured out. As they say, happy wife happy life.” Lastly, Adam Doleac was a surprise addition to this round. He first played his track cut by Darius Rucker called “Don’t” along with his songs released “Famous,” “Whiskey’s Fine,” and “Mom and Daddy’s Money.”

It was the perfect round mixed of talent and humor to keep the audience entertained. You can find out more about Tin Pan South and when you can catch a show here.


Jordan Davis Album Debut “Home State”

Jordan Davis debuted his album for UMG Nashville called, “Home State.”  It dropped March 23 that’s full of potential hits that everyone needs to hear. We all know his single “Singles You Up,” which currently just hit No. 1 on Billboard country airplay. It’s only matter of time before his career takes off with this entire album.

There are 12 tracks of creative sounds; I am addicted. Jordan’s focus on lyrics through this album seemed most important to him. I’m not complaining, they are golden. Especially in “Tough To Tie Down,” written by Jordan Davis, Ben Daniel, Pavel Dovgalyuk. Hands down the top respected song on this album. For once the girl’s in control and I’m obsessed. Thanks, Jordan.

“She’s got too much run and too much wild,

She don’t hold back, no she don’t hide

She’s always drifted and always dreaming

She’s good at loving but better at leaving”

Next, that’s coming close to most played in a day is “Made That Way,” written by Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, and Scooter Carusoe. These lyrics are a gem. They’re killing the detailed quirks about what makes a girl the way she is. I’m completely obsessed. It’s a different kind of love song that’s ready to tear up the charts. This has been probably the most looped on my Spotify. I might be half the loops, it’s alright.

“You don’t overthink

But you’re a complicated mess

Not afraid to make mistakes

Hold your cards close to your chest..”

Producer and songwriter, Paul DiGiovanni, is ALL over this album. Producing albums from Dan & Shay to Blake Shelton, he didn’t disappoint in these tracks. These are only a couple of songs I’ve constantly been listening to the past few weeks. It’s been awhile since an album has caught my attention to listen to non-stop, and I finally found an album for the summer.

Make sure you give his album a listen and check out his future tour dates here!


Russell Dickerson: Yours Album Release Kick-Off

Russell Dickerson proved himself on Wednesday night that he’s the up-and-coming entertainer of the year. His energy and love for his fans made the opening night in Nashville for his album release even more special. There wasn’t one second where you weren’t jumping around not having a care in the world. That’s when you know you’re at a good show; you’re making remarkable memories dancing like a complete idiot.

Russell’s debut album Yours dropped on Oct 13, and has nothing but absolute jams left and right. Even though his album is all about being confidently taken and in love, it’s refreshing because I think we’re all a little too used to break-up ballads, along with the catchiest songs you’ll ever hear.

“Some people try to put on this facade of being single and desirable, but some people want a relationship. That’s what’s changed for me, is being confident in being taken. It’s the best thing ever.” – Russell Dickerson, Billboard.

Russell being in love and not caring who knows, has made Yours a 12-track love letter to his wife. Along with Yours being his album title, his single “Yours” fulfilled his big break on the charts. “This is my splash into this industry and this business,” Russell tells Billboard about the song “Yours.” “I’m so proud of everything on the record, but that song in particular has done it for me, so I wanted to continue on with that title.” 

He sang almost every song on Yours, and lucky for you I recorded all of them. I won’t give too much away; you’re going to have to go see him live yourself.

“Low Key” is one of the stripped-down songs on Yours, but it’s high key the slow song that still makes you want to sway back-and-forth. It’s a laid-back love song that I think everyone can relate to, staying in with your partner and doing absolutely nothing but ordering takeout and watching Netflix. Even if you don’t have a partner, honestly just relate it to yourself, staying in and doing nothing like it’s your job.

“Would You Love Me” is the most romantic bop I’ve ever listened to. Can you tell he’s in love yet? Russell had the crowd letting loose to this one. His “relationship goals” with his wife are reflecting to think we’re also involved in their relationship with this song. It positively struck the crowd even though the whole front row were 18-21 years olds.

His concert was the right amount of fun you needed to take the stress off. Russell is always up-beat and made to be an entertainer; his album clearly reflects that. His uplifting and positive personality indicates what kind of artist he is and what he is going to become. Even if you’re not in love and feel as if you can’t relate to Yours, I’m an 18-year-old blasting this in my dorm with my friends since it came out, trust me, you can do it. Go ahead and take a listen; you might surprise yourself.


Who wouldn’t want “Life Changes” with Thomas Rhett by your side?

Even if you don’t like country music, you still like Thomas Rhett. If you don’t like Thomas Rhett, then you want his love life after hearing this album.. let’s be real.

I think we all know country music is changing. It’s been up for debate whether it’s a good or bad thing. Thomas Rhett has definitely not let critics stop him. His album includes a little bit of everything, from singing country with his dad, Rhett Akins, in “Drink A Little Beer,” to soul R&B in “Kiss Me Like A Stranger,” and finally to EDM in  “Leave Right Now.” Thomas Rhett for sure has a variety of genres on “Life Changes”, and the best part is that he’s written 10 out of 12 of the new songs.

If you haven’t listened to Life Changes yet, let me give you a quick summary before we get into detail….


Spotify Premium (I totally suggest it) Along with using ProCreate for iPad

Now that you get my quick synopsis on how obsessed I am, let’s get behind the scenes on some of the different country vibes..

“Leave Right Now,” written by Julian Bunetta, Ed Drewett, John Henry Ryan, and Thomas Rhett.

Right after hearing this song for the first time, I knew there were some Chainsmokers/Zedd vibes. Thomas says from The Boot “This song started out just three dudes and a guitar; there was no element of EDM in this song at all, until it got to be about two or three o’clock in the morning, and we all decided that everything was a better idea than it actually was.” Julian Bunetta, who has written many hits for One Direction over the years, was the one who came up with the built electronic post-chorus, or what we all like to call the “bass drop.” You don’t see the bass drop coming at all, and I think that’s what makes this song most unique. This song certainly stands out from the entire album, and is definitely one of my favorites.

“Drink A Little Beer” written by Rhett Akins, Jesse Frasure, and Ben Hayslip.

This song is probably the most old-school country mixed with new country that you’ll hear on the album. Thomas says, “My dad sent me this song in an email; his email said, I know you will never cut this, but I wanted you to hear it. I think when your dad tells you you will never do something, it makes you want to do it more.” I think this song definitely throws back to some of Thomas’ old stuff, like from his album It Goes Like This. Involving his dad in his album has been just a touch of what family means to him, which is a never ending theme in ‘Life Changes”.

“Kiss Me Like A Stranger” written by Dave Barnes, Jordan Reynolds, and Thomas Rhett.

Of course, what’s a Thomas Rhett album without a “feel good” song? This is an old school romantic ballad with a soul, R&B flare. If his goal was to bring back Barry White sounds, he nailed it. If you didn’t get a “You’re The first, My Last, My Everything” feel then you probably need to listen closer. Actually not probably, you just do. Thomas says from The Boot” I don’t know what to call it, but it’s my take on a Marvin Gaye-meets-Barry Manilow kind of thing.” He says his love for doo-wop comes from his grandparents; they influenced him on Carole King And The Drifters. Sometimes I think Thomas asks himself, “what kind of sound have I not yet tried?” and then somehow pulls nostalgic-feeling songs that make you wonder how he pulled that lyric out, or that beat.

“Life Changes” is as honest as it gets. Listening to these songs from “Sixteen” to “Unforgettable,” you feel as if you’re reliving his past as he’s trying to recapture as much as he can. Not going to lie, I was kind of nervous when he was putting out singles every other Friday for sneak peaks. Hearing the different kind of sounds he was exemplifying in “Sweetheart” and “Kiss Me Like A Stranger” took me a while to get used to the vibes, and I think that’s exactly what he was trying to do, give us a taste of each sound living in his past. A lot of this album is autobiographical and sentimental, and it has a little bit of everything that you want to hear when you’re looking for it.

Thomas Rhett achieved his No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, earned 123,000 identical album units in the ending week of Sept 14 making this his best sales week ever and the third largest sales week of 2017 for a country endeavor. So do yourself and I a favor, listen to this album, you won’t be disappointed.