Dalton Mauldin Drops First Single Off EP “gray”

After Dalton Mauldin’s recent successes with his recent drop “Blinded” surpassing 500,000 streams and “I Look Good On You” reaching over 100,000 spins on Spotify, Mauldin’s anticipated single off his first EP gray has arrived. 

Mauldin’s project gray has been a long time coming – living in his head before coming to life. Instead of writing his songs over a short period of time, the EP’s first song “mine” was written last fall. He wrote it with his friend Pierre Alexander after discussing past relationships and how unusual it all felt.

“It was weird to have all of the materialistic things even after the breakup ended,” Mauldin said. “But in the end to think that the person was never really mine.” 

Choosing the first song off the EP was a difficult decision, and ultimately came down to “mine” and a different track. 

“I sent it to a friend of mine, Parker Livingston, and he put a new twist to the song that I thought was incredible,” Mauldin said. “ I knew right away it would be the first single and I think it’s the perfect song to explain the whole idea of the EP.”

Mauldin’s favorite part about recording gray was finding comfortability in being vulnerable. 

“I showed a lot of my friends these songs and explained the stories behind them, which is something I’ve never done before,” Mauldin said. “To be able to let my guard down and talk about these feelings with people has helped me grow as an artist.”

Mauldin wants listeners to have a better understanding of him after hearing it. 

“I feel like this is my first project where people will see me for who I am as they follow along with the stories behind the songs,” Mauldin said. “ I hope these songs can help people get through whatever they’re struggling with, with the windows down in the car, screaming it at the top of their lungs.”

Mauldin’s upcoming EP gray will drop sooner than we think.

“mine” is available to buy or stream on all digital platforms.

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Dalton Mauldin Drops NEW Single “Blinded”

Dalton Mauldin’s next hit is around the corner with his anticipated new single, “Blinded,” out today, Friday (Aug 2.) If you loved his first single, “Nights Without You,” you won’t be disappointed with the sound of his next chapter. 

The idea behind “Blinded” started a couple of months ago while Dalton was thinking about a past relationship of his. He was struggling with handling the breakup, but explained, “The idea is best described being blinded to the thought that a person you truly love or care about is going to change, but they never do.” The song comes from a hopeless romantic reminiscence that you’re hoping your partner will change to make the relationship work. That person comes back into your life again and you think things will turn out differently, however, you realize that it wasn’t meant to be.

“I guess I’m just blinded / Can’t find my way out the door / I’m still reminded that you don’t love me no more / Slowly as time goes, I’ll make my way back to you / Cause we’ll think it’s different, but really it’s nothin’ new.”

– Chorus of “Blinded”

The idea for “Blinded” came to Mauldin while he was writing and playing guitar in his free time. As he pondered through some old notes with the hope of launching something new, a couple of words stood out. “I came across a note that said “Blinded” and “Nothing New.” It immediately sparked an idea in my head that led me to write “Blinded,” Mauldin said. “I really liked the idea, and I wanted it to be perfect so that people understand it completely – and especially relate to it.” 

As he was nearly finished writing the song, he sent it to his manager who motivated him to finish it. “What’s cool about the song is the way I recorded it on my phone after I finished it – it is a little different from the actual version I’m releasing,” Mauldin said. “We kept the same chords I originally wrote the song for but switched up some melodies.” After the production process, he found a love for the new version.

“It’s always a good idea to hear other options or opinions from people you trust to interpret the sound.”

– Dalton Mauldin

Even though “Blinded” sounds different from his first single, “Nights Without You,” he loves the way it turned out. “I’ve been focusing on making music the way I want to and also the vibe I’m feeling,” Mauldin said. “I feel as that you tend to limit yourself and you begin to believe you have to conform your sound to a certain genre.”  Mauldin plans on being himself and having fun with his music. He feels that if he’s open-minded and stays creative, he’ll be happy. 

Mauldin recently played his first live concert in St. Louis back in June. His friends at Apogee Promotions arranged for him to open for American Idol’s Season 14 runner up, Clark Beckham. “It was so cool to hang out with fans and take pictures for the first time ever,” Mauldin said. “After all this time I’ve spent practicing in my room, I actually got to play in front of a sold-out crowd. It was a dream come true.” 

“Blinded” is available now to buy or stream on all digital platforms. Make sure to check Mauldin’s social media for his NEXT release, “Lost In The Blue,” coming soon.

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Up & Coming Artist: Dalton Mauldin

Growing up in Lake City, Florida, Dalton Mauldin grew up hunting and fishing on his farm, while also his life has always revolved around baseball practices and tournaments. Ever since he was a kid, singing was always something he loved to do. Luckily enough in high school, one of his friends showed him an electric guitar, which led to borrowing his acoustic guitar, to ending up immediately looking up youtube videos learning how to play. Little did he know baseball and music would lead to double life in college. With a cover he posted of Dan + Shay’s smash hit “Tequila” that went viral, Mauldin’s music career is off to a promising start.

Mauldin transferred from playing baseball at Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL, a Division I school, to Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee, which is Division II. When asked what sparked this decision, he explained “I loved my last school back in Florida but I knew Nashville was where I wanted to be ultimately. After I got my release from my old school, I was looking for a place to continue my education as well as baseball career somewhere around the Nashville area and I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to play in right here in Nashville. It was a big decision, but after talking to the coaches at Trevecca, it was a no-brainer that this was the place I wanted to be.” Continuing to seek out music opportunities in Nashville as he plays baseball, every day he plans to get better at least one thing. Whether it’s practicing guitar, keyboard, or writing new lyrics, he always dedicates time daily towards his music.

“You’ll make time for the things that you really care about.”

Dalton Mauldin

The writing process from Mauldin usually comes from hearing something that someone says or when he gets a thought in his head. Going through relationships, experiences, and seeing his friends go through relationships will inspire him on the spot. You can hear his catchy, romantic writing in his first single “Nights Without You” that was released in the summer and currently has over 700,000 spins and counting. “I think it’s absolutely crazy that a song that I put out has reached so many people. I always knew being a musician/artist would be a dream for me. I never thought I actually would be able to do it though,” he says. “After putting this song out its made me realize that I really can do this now. I have the support from so many people and every day it reminds me how blessed I am to have an opportunity to be an artist. It’s so surreal to me to have all of these people who support me and have made a dream that I’ve had start to develop like this.”

With baseball being in the mix of his music career, feeling limited to the music scene isn’t a worry on his mind.”I know that time is an issue but I always look at the bigger picture. How lucky I am to even be able to play baseball, go to school, and be in Nashville,” he says. “I’m surrounded by such a great team and coaches it’s crazy to me. I don’t have any complaints about anything at all so to complain about time limitations isn’t even an option. I’m just happy to be here.” With that attitude and the advice he has received, trusting his gut and staying true to who he is will be the most important part of navigating through the industry.

Mauldin plans to work on and release new music in the upcoming year and he can’t wait for everyone to hear it. If you want a little taste of what he’s all about, make sure to stream “Nights Without You” on all digital platforms and follow him on social media to see what’s coming next.

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