Up & Coming Artist: Matt Gorman

Growing up in Philadelphia, Matt Gorman was raised a city boy with no country lifestyle. He picked up his first guitar in 2nd grade, but he didn’t find his true passion for it until about six years later. Gorman found his love for songwriting during his junior year of high school. A portion of his English class consisted of poetry, and while writing a poem, Gorman got the idea to turn it into a song. Little did he know, recording that song on the GarageBand app on his phone and sending it to his closest friends would have a monumental impact on the future of his musical career.

Country music wasn’t a part of Gorman’s life until he was about 12 years old. As a kid, Gorman had a natural inclination towards country culture that most other kids growing up in Philly didn’t have. When the television was on, Gorman was rarely plopped down in front of a cartoon like other kids his age. “I used to watch John Wayne with my grand-pop and uncle and my favorites were Western movies like McLintock, El Dorado, and The Cowboys,” Gorman explained. “ I always loved wearing a cowboy hat and a rubber pair of fireman boots that I used to pretend were the boots John Wayne wore on the TV. I didn’t know any different because I was young, but I think my parents would say that they knew I was going to be a little different compared to the other city kids when I grew up.” 

Along with being a musician, playing college baseball has been a goal of Gorman’s for as long as he can remember. After two years of playing junior college baseball, he was interested in playing for Lipscomb University after a friend’s advice. “I had an old summer ball coach reach out because he knew one of the Lipscomb coaches,” Gorman said. “He said it didn’t seem realistic because of timing and money, however, I was hopeful and I truly gave it to God that he would place me in the perfect place.” Once he visited Lipscomb, he knew it was the place for him.

“I get to play Division I baseball at Lipscomb University with incredible teammates and great coaches, and in my spare time, I get to record my music and work alongside people who I truly love in Nashville, Tennessee.” 

– Matt Gorman

Gorman’s first single, “Back To You,” was written this past summer and took just a few days. “It’s one of those songs that just came to me because it is based on a real-life experience that I had with a girl that I thought was going to be the one,” Gorman said. “The songs that I write all come from some kind of experience that I’ve had because I can’t write about pick up trucks in a field down south and doing a lot of the stuff that most country artists have experienced because I grew up in a big city.” 

The lyrics in “Back To You” tell the story of being blindsided by a breakup and continuously telling oneself that you’ll be back with that person until you realize it’s best if you aren’t. He wrote the song by himself and brought it to Lipscomb student/producer Joey Liechty. His favorite part of the process is that the song, production, promotion, and videography are all done by Lipscomb students. 

“Back To You” is available now to buy or stream on all digital platforms. Make sure to check out Gorman’s social media for more updates. 

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Dalton Mauldin Drops NEW Single “Blinded”

Dalton Mauldin’s next hit is around the corner with his anticipated new single, “Blinded,” out today, Friday (Aug 2.) If you loved his first single, “Nights Without You,” you won’t be disappointed with the sound of his next chapter. 

The idea behind “Blinded” started a couple of months ago while Dalton was thinking about a past relationship of his. He was struggling with handling the breakup, but explained, “The idea is best described being blinded to the thought that a person you truly love or care about is going to change, but they never do.” The song comes from a hopeless romantic reminiscence that you’re hoping your partner will change to make the relationship work. That person comes back into your life again and you think things will turn out differently, however, you realize that it wasn’t meant to be.

“I guess I’m just blinded / Can’t find my way out the door / I’m still reminded that you don’t love me no more / Slowly as time goes, I’ll make my way back to you / Cause we’ll think it’s different, but really it’s nothin’ new.”

– Chorus of “Blinded”

The idea for “Blinded” came to Mauldin while he was writing and playing guitar in his free time. As he pondered through some old notes with the hope of launching something new, a couple of words stood out. “I came across a note that said “Blinded” and “Nothing New.” It immediately sparked an idea in my head that led me to write “Blinded,” Mauldin said. “I really liked the idea, and I wanted it to be perfect so that people understand it completely – and especially relate to it.” 

As he was nearly finished writing the song, he sent it to his manager who motivated him to finish it. “What’s cool about the song is the way I recorded it on my phone after I finished it – it is a little different from the actual version I’m releasing,” Mauldin said. “We kept the same chords I originally wrote the song for but switched up some melodies.” After the production process, he found a love for the new version.

“It’s always a good idea to hear other options or opinions from people you trust to interpret the sound.”

– Dalton Mauldin

Even though “Blinded” sounds different from his first single, “Nights Without You,” he loves the way it turned out. “I’ve been focusing on making music the way I want to and also the vibe I’m feeling,” Mauldin said. “I feel as that you tend to limit yourself and you begin to believe you have to conform your sound to a certain genre.”  Mauldin plans on being himself and having fun with his music. He feels that if he’s open-minded and stays creative, he’ll be happy. 

Mauldin recently played his first live concert in St. Louis back in June. His friends at Apogee Promotions arranged for him to open for American Idol’s Season 14 runner up, Clark Beckham. “It was so cool to hang out with fans and take pictures for the first time ever,” Mauldin said. “After all this time I’ve spent practicing in my room, I actually got to play in front of a sold-out crowd. It was a dream come true.” 

“Blinded” is available now to buy or stream on all digital platforms. Make sure to check Mauldin’s social media for his NEXT release, “Lost In The Blue,” coming soon.

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Artists to Watch: CMA Fest 2019

It’s that time of the year again, 90-degree weather mixed with thousands of country music fans on Nashville streets. But besides that, If you’re heading out to CMA Fest this year, you’re in for a treat. Being able to see the bigger artists is always a blast, but there’s something special about seeing the uprising artists. Here are some of my top picks for CMA Fest 2019 that you don’t want to miss:


I’ve been DYING to see this duo live. If you haven’t listened to their tracks yet you’re missing out. They’re already impacting country fans with their catchy songs that will be stuck in your head. The amount of times I’ve blasted their tracks is ridiculous and I’ve been waiting for CMA fest to finally see them. Their upcoming single “Love That” hit country radio earlier this week. Give their EP a listen and head over to the Chevy Breakout Stage on Saturday, June 7th at 11:50 AM to check them out.

Gabby Barrett

Barrett is an artist I’ve admired since her third-place finish on American Idol. Her fiery vocals take over in her single “I Hope” and has put her #1 on The Highway XM. This track has been on repeat since it dropped. It’s such a classy breakup tune that will get you fired up for sure. Make sure to check out Barrett Thursday, June 6th at 12:45 PM on the Maui Jim Broadway Stage at Bridgestone Plaza.

Riley Green

Green is someone who I’ve been lucky to see many times, yet it never gets old. All of his tracks are underrated and should be blasted at all times. He’s bringing the old-school country back and it’s time we do too. Green’s single “There Was This Girl” earned #1 on the Mediabase/Country Aircheck chart and it won’t be his last. His current single “In Love By Now” will soon take over country radio. Make sure to check out Green on Sunday, June 9th at 3:15 PM on the Chevy Riverfront Stage.


If you’re at CMA Fest for a good time, HARDY is your man. He was one of the writers on Florida Georgia Line/Morgan Wallen collaboration “Up Down,” which is a #1 platinum-selling country single that’s on everyone’s summer playlist. His EP “WHERE TO FIND ME” released earlier in the year has some tracks that make you wanna turn up the radio as loud as possible. Check HARDY out at the Chevy Breakout Stage on Friday, June 7th at 12:00 PM.

James Barker Band

This band does not have one bad song. With over 95-million global streams, this band is taking over country music one unforgettable song at a time. This Canadian group released their most recent single “Keep It Simple,” which currently has over 10-million streams. James Barker Band just dropped their album “Singles Only” that’s a must listen. Check out James Barker Band at the Chevy Breakout Stage on Friday, June 7th at 3:10 PM.

Jaden Michaels

This is the one you need to keep an eye on. I’ve been following her on Instagram for quite some time now and I’m obsessed with the song teasers for her upcoming EP. Her melodic single “Behave” has over 800,000 streams, give it a listen. Make sure to check Michaels out at the Nashville Acoustic Corner on Saturday, June 8th at 12:45 PM.

Don’t forget to download the CMA Fest app for scheduling and updates on everything festival related.

Tin Pan South Night Two: busbee, Ryan Griffin, Emily Shackelton, and Carly Pearce

Ryan Griffin, busbee, Emily Shackelton, and Carly Pearce took the stage Wednesday night at Third and Lindsley to start off the second night of Tin Pan South.

busbee is based in LA, but Nashville has adopted him over the years. If you don’t know busbee, he’s a songwriter, producer, and musician who has collaborated with a wide range of artists including Lady Antebellum, Pink, Lennon Stella, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Kelly Clarkson, and many more. He also has worked/is working with everyone in this round. He’s basically a musical genius. He started off the round with introducing “My Church” cut by Maren Morris. Morris walked into the co-write saying “I was just driving up the PCH and I was in my car listening to music and I just felt like that was my church.” He picked up a guitar and sang the chorus right to her and started singing the rest of the melody. In addition, busbee sang his co-write of the smash single “H.O.L.Y.” by Florida Georgia Line, which quickly reached #1 on the Billboard country chart. He brought up sixteen-year-old Lindsey Lomis who shocked the crowd with her strong, bright voice. She sang her songs “Quit On Us” and “Simple Love.” He also brought up Cameron Jaymes, a part of Altadena, to sing his tracks “You Should See Her” and “Summer Forever.”

Newly signed to Warner Music Nashville and Altadena, Ryan Griffin’s talent recognition is long overdue. His voice is a mix of country, soul, and a touch of R&B that’s ready for the world to hear. He performed his songs “Best Cold Beer,” “Nothing Looks Good On You,” and of course his #1 song, “Dibs” performed by Kelsea Ballerini. In addition, he sang his new track “If You Were My Girl” dedicated to his wife. “It was the moment that I met my wife, I told busbee and Emily Shackelton about it; everything I wish I could have said to my wife when she was with somebody else,” Griffin says. “I went home and I was thinking about her, If I could tell her everything that was on my heart, this would be it.” Because of Griffin’s pure talent and refreshing tracks, his album he’s recording with busbee is going to be something special.

Emily Shackelton played her track “Doing Fine” cut by Lauren Alaina and performed a Runaway’s June cut called “Unbreak Your Heart.” Shackelton performed her next song “Dashboard Jesus” and said she wrote it in 2011 and it came back to life this year thanks to Carly Pearce. Pearce cut the song for her new record and man is it the perfect track for her. Shackelton and Pearce performed it together to give us a little tease to Pearce’s next album. The song’s about how hard it is following your dreams and being crazy for believing in them. Pearce jumped into the second chorus, taking over with her powerful vocals.

Pearce gave us another hint of a track on her next record called “It Won’t Always Be Like This.” “I thought since we’re all friends maybe I can share a new baby with you,” Pearce says. “I wrote this song with Sam Ellis and Natalie Hemby. I think so many things in 2018 have taught me that pain takes you somewhere, heartache takes you somewhere, struggles take you somewhere, where you come from, the people in your life that built you and made you who you are; don’t take those for granted. I thought about that sweet sixteen-year-old artist up here and I remember being her. If I could go back and explain to her the things that’s she’s going to experience are all on the path to be where she should be and that it’s all going to be ok.”

“I had big wings / But didn’t have a sky / Just a front row view of everybody flying high / Waiting for my time”

“It Won’t Always Be Like This” – Carly Pearce

Night two of Tin Pan South was full of unexpected song teasers and smash hits. You can find out more about Tin Pan South and when you can catch a show here.

Tin Pan South Night One: Jordan Walker, Tyler Rich, John Gurney, and Adam Doleac

To kick off Tin Pan South on a Tuesday night, I attended my first round including Tyler Rich, Jordan Walker, John Gurney, and a special guest Adam Doleac.

Jordan Walker, who was previously a part of Walker Mcguire, sang his smash hit “When It Rains It Pours” that changed his life for the better. “This was my first ever hit and it got me a wife and a house. I wrote this song with one of my best friends in the world, Ray Fulcher and a guy named Luke Combs,” Walker says. “The day we wrote this song Luke I had known for about 2 hours and he said he wanted to write a song about his ex-girlfriend and I go yeah I can write a breakup song. Then he says I really wanna write it about her mom though. And I said alright, now I’m very interested. I say let’s write a song about your ex-future mother-in-law” and the rest is history. Walker also performed his Walker Mcguire track “Mysteries Of The World” along with a song he penned with Mitchell Tenpenny called “Mixed Drinks” that’s currently on Tenpenny’s EP.

John Gurney is an artist you need to keep an eye on. He currently has singles you can stream and buy. “Home With Her” has over 11 million streams and his new track just released in January “That’s How You Got It” has 700,000 streams and counting. Gurney also performed his track that’s released called “Fairytale Dress.” “I was fortunate to win the 2018 NSAI Song Contest, presented by CMT with this one,” Gurney says. “It did a lot for me in the last year. It’s all about holding onto the look of innocence that we hold onto when we’re young and trying to bring that into adulthood.” He also played a clever track I hope he releases soon called “Drink I Think.” The chorus says “I could use a drink I think / but every time I drink I think of you” and he explained that it was inspired by a late-night conversation on Broadway.

“Drink I Think” – John Gurney

California native Tyler Rich started off his turn by introducing “Made For A Small Town” that he comes from a little town north of Sacramento; where the only thing it’s famous for is the feral chickens that run around on the highway. Rich also brought out an old song he has never played before called “Lost Time.” He played his potential single that he just recorded and it’s a fan favorite, “Leave Her Wild.” It’s about Rich being in a controlling relationship and him realizing she was turning him into something he’s not. “I’ve realized this thing about relationships, I see friends that meet someone and they like them and they spend an entire relationship trying to change them into their vision rather than just letting a person be themselves,” Rich says. “My buddy in the writer’s room said if you’re going to make a woman do something, make her smile. I said to write that down and then the whole chorus poured out. As they say, happy wife happy life.” Lastly, Adam Doleac was a surprise addition to this round. He first played his track cut by Darius Rucker called “Don’t” along with his songs released “Famous,” “Whiskey’s Fine,” and “Mom and Daddy’s Money.”

It was the perfect round mixed of talent and humor to keep the audience entertained. You can find out more about Tin Pan South and when you can catch a show here.

Up & Coming Artist: Dalton Mauldin

Growing up in Lake City, Florida, Dalton Mauldin grew up hunting and fishing on his farm, while also his life has always revolved around baseball practices and tournaments. Ever since he was a kid, singing was always something he loved to do. Luckily enough in high school, one of his friends showed him an electric guitar, which led to borrowing his acoustic guitar, to ending up immediately looking up youtube videos learning how to play. Little did he know baseball and music would lead to double life in college. With a cover he posted of Dan + Shay’s smash hit “Tequila” that went viral, Mauldin’s music career is off to a promising start.

Mauldin transferred from playing baseball at Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL, a Division I school, to Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee, which is Division II. When asked what sparked this decision, he explained “I loved my last school back in Florida but I knew Nashville was where I wanted to be ultimately. After I got my release from my old school, I was looking for a place to continue my education as well as baseball career somewhere around the Nashville area and I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to play in right here in Nashville. It was a big decision, but after talking to the coaches at Trevecca, it was a no-brainer that this was the place I wanted to be.” Continuing to seek out music opportunities in Nashville as he plays baseball, every day he plans to get better at least one thing. Whether it’s practicing guitar, keyboard, or writing new lyrics, he always dedicates time daily towards his music.

“You’ll make time for the things that you really care about.”

Dalton Mauldin

The writing process from Mauldin usually comes from hearing something that someone says or when he gets a thought in his head. Going through relationships, experiences, and seeing his friends go through relationships will inspire him on the spot. You can hear his catchy, romantic writing in his first single “Nights Without You” that was released in the summer and currently has over 700,000 spins and counting. “I think it’s absolutely crazy that a song that I put out has reached so many people. I always knew being a musician/artist would be a dream for me. I never thought I actually would be able to do it though,” he says. “After putting this song out its made me realize that I really can do this now. I have the support from so many people and every day it reminds me how blessed I am to have an opportunity to be an artist. It’s so surreal to me to have all of these people who support me and have made a dream that I’ve had start to develop like this.”

With baseball being in the mix of his music career, feeling limited to the music scene isn’t a worry on his mind.”I know that time is an issue but I always look at the bigger picture. How lucky I am to even be able to play baseball, go to school, and be in Nashville,” he says. “I’m surrounded by such a great team and coaches it’s crazy to me. I don’t have any complaints about anything at all so to complain about time limitations isn’t even an option. I’m just happy to be here.” With that attitude and the advice he has received, trusting his gut and staying true to who he is will be the most important part of navigating through the industry.

Mauldin plans to work on and release new music in the upcoming year and he can’t wait for everyone to hear it. If you want a little taste of what he’s all about, make sure to stream “Nights Without You” on all digital platforms and follow him on social media to see what’s coming next.

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Tyler Rich Making A Difference in The Music Industry

The first time I saw Tyler Rich he was opening up for Dustin Lynch on Long Island, New York in 2015. Now, three years later, he’s making it big signing to Big Machine Music and The Valory Music Co for both publishing and record deals.

I was lucky enough to attend a private show for Tyler thanks to the BIG 98 for hosting this event. What made this show special was that behind Tyler’s success is a story that most people wouldn’t even think of hearing from him. The California native thought nothing of moving down to Nashville until Dustin Lynch saw his 15 seconds cover of his song “Mind Reader” and told him he has what it takes. That’s all Tyler needed to hear. He packed up everything with his roommate and dog. They drove 40 hours straight from California to Nashville just to make it in time for Cinco de Mayo.

“That first year in town I was just writing with any and everybody I could possibly meet,” he says. “I wrote a ton of terrible songs and some good ones. Dustin hit me up one day and said listen, I think these are some of your best songs and you should put it into a set and come out and open for me on the Hell Of A Night Tour. It was his first headlining tour that lasted about four months. It wasn’t about having a chance to steal his fans for a second but every weekend he’d take these A-list writers on the road to work. I would meet all these writers and then they became fans. Then all of a sudden, my second year in town I’m writing with the best writers in town.”

That’s when it all started to come together for Tyler. He says he met this guy that nobody has probably heard of, Scott Borchetta, CEO of Big Machine Records. No big deal or anything.

“He met me and became a friend right away. We hit it off. He signed me pretty quick. Just like when I moved here we started the last year writing about 100 songs getting ready for this and we released The Difference about two months ago now. It’s doing really well on the charts, it’s been amazing.”

Tyler’s new single “The Difference” written by Rhett Akins, Devin Dawson, Ben Burgess and Jacob Durrett has been climbing the charts now currently sitting No. 50 on Billboard Country Airplay. Tyler just made his debut on the Today Show, which you can say is just the beginning for him. This is Tyler’s year, just like I mentioned in my Artists To Watch Article. Make sure you keep an eye out for his record & future tour dates. You don’t want miss Tyler’s big break.

Loss, Life, Love: Kelsea Ballerini Steals The Ryman’s Heart

Just in time for Valentine’s day, Kelsea Ballerini’s heartbreak and love story took over the Ryman Auditorium. With the help of the young and inspiring Bailey Bryan, and the up and coming hit machine Walker Hayes; It was the perfect valentines present for all the single ladies out there. And I guess you too, couples.

Bailey Bryan is a storyteller for this generation. There’s not one song young girls can’t relate or admire. Her only being 20 years old, there’s some kind of bond us young girls have with her. Bailey’s EP dropped last spring and all of her tracks are beyond impressive. Her song “Used To”, that I first heard in the summer has made me feel not so alone in the college process of moving away, and it was exactly what I needed. You can find her EP “So Far” here on Spotify, and here on Apple Music.

Walker Hayes can surely entertain a crowd. All of his songs are remarkably better live and have you off your feet. My best friend and I have been obsessed with his soon to be hit “Shut Up Kenny”, and I don’t care how much you say it’s a “diss” to Kenny Chesney because this is the best shower bop a girl could ever ask for. Also, he sang his climbing charts track “You Broke Up With Me”, currently peaking #9 on Hot Country Songs on Billboard. It’s safe to say that opening for Kelsea is just the beginning of Walker’s story, and I can’t wait to see the next chapter for him.

Now, Kelsea Ballerini’s intro was the best damn thing to get you hyped up. She, of course, played her album “Unapologetically” to show the order of loss, life, and love. And man when she started with Graveyard, you sure as hell bet I was off my feet. Here was her intro, you’re welcome.

It being Valentines Day and all, Kelsea Ballerini brought the hubby, Morgan Evans, on stage for the most romantic goal-seeking relationship I’ve ever seen. First of all, he brought her a bouquet of roses on stage. Secondly, they sang a duet together to a song Morgan wrote a song about Kelsea called “Dance With Me.” Yes, I might’ve shed a tear. You will too.

Kelsea headlining her show at The Ryman Auditorium is such a breakthrough and accomplishment for a young woman like her. Her writing process and storyline of “Unapologetically” is something that many artists can’t compete with. You could tell how extremely thankful and excited she was; not only for this show, but also her single “Legends” was close to hitting No. 1 on country airplay, and you sure bet it did the end of last week.

I hope I didn’t give away too much of Kelsea’s killer headlining tour. I unapologetically dropped all of my money into this show, and you should do the same.

CRS Week Kick-off Is For The Girls

One of my favorite line-up’s for CRS week: Abby Andersen, Hannah Ellis, Jesse Lee, and Abbey Cone. I was way too excited to see this happening. All of my favorite girls into one writers round at The Listening Room Cafe. What more can I ask for?

Starting off with the young and beautiful booming voice, Abby Andersen, who was in my Artists To Watch article (shameless plug). I am SO excited for her. She sang her soon to be hit “Let Him Wait.” This song is such a powerful message for young girls in this generation nowadays. It’s only a matter of time before this song is blasting in every girl’s bedroom. If you think girls were playing hard to get, this song just made guys lives 100 times more difficult. Sorry boys, Abby’s telling us who’s boss.

From Hannah’s E.P. dropping last fall, to having co-writes for album’s like Russel Dickerson and Danielle Bradberry; Hannah has been on her game lately and isn’t turning back. Her positive attitude and stunning voice make the songs she’s been a part of honestly sound better than the original. As much as I do love “Messy” on Danielle Bradberry’s new album, Hannah’s twist on it was extra special. Take a listen for yourself.

Everyone knows Jesse Lee is a talented songwriter, just ask her co-writers: Kelsea Ballerini and Brett Young. Coming off her two #1’s, “Peter Pan” and “Like I Loved You,” you can certainly say Jesse is just getting started. She’s just as talented behind the microphone as she is behind the song lyrics. Here’s one of my favorites from the night, “Life Is Pretty Damn Good.”

Seeing Abbey Cone for the first time in forever has been long overdue. Hearing her new songs did not disappoint. Her voice is electric and I can’t get over how obsessed I am with her. There’s no doubt in my mind she’s clearly going places. She will always be one of my favorites and this song of hers I am sharing is exactly why. Here’s “I Never Asked You.”

Even though I wasn’t able to attend most of CRS week events, I was satisfied with catching this round with most of the girls I’d pick myself to see in a writers round. Supporting women songwriters and artists is most important nowadays and always. These four talented ladies will be taking over country airplay before you know it. Keep your eyes out.


Keith Urban Pop-Up Show: Graffiti U Tour Announcement

Wednesday afternoon I was sitting in class just going through a normal day, then my mom called me and informed me that Keith Urban announced a pop-up show at Exit/In here in Nashville. Usually, I’m aware of these things but I am extremely sick and was ready curl up in my bed. But what did I do instead? Leave right after my class 4 hours before doors open to stand outside in the freezing cold for Keith. Yes, I think I have bronchitis.

Right when we were able to get in, we ran up to the front. What else would you expect from me? He came out and sang a few bangers, then announced his tour Graffiti U, with his superstar opener Kelsea Ballerini. Of course, Kelsea came out and sang a couple songs. However, Keith played some of his new songs off his new record Graffiti U, and damn are they good. Lucky for you my partial OCD of recording every little thing came in handy last night.

One of the first songs he sang off the new record, “Texas Time”, hit all the states, including New York (that’s me). It’s a fun, different take on Texas and I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it at all. I’ll admit, I was ready to get a cowboy hat on and start line-dancing. I don’t even know how to line dance. Take a listen.

The next song Keith sang “Same Heart”, is a representation of who he is today. It’s pure, genuine, and a song every artist should be able to listen to and take notes. This one is definitely going to be people’s new favorite.

Finally, the song that blew me away was “Parallel Lines”. I was hoping and thinking this is going to be his new single because this could be the wedding hit of 2018, and after today I was right. Not only that, but this is a different vibe from Keith, and I’m digging it.


At the end of his show, he starting talking to us about how playing these small venues and all showing up for the same reason makes us all “one”. Not you, me, or anyone else, we’re all one. Music is what brings people together through good and bad, and he reminds us of that. Keith’s gratitude and humbleness has been so powerful over the years. He is one of the best artists and entertainers of all time, and there’s no doubt his new record Graffiti U  will be another success for him. Thanks for the free concert Keith, you’re my broke-college-wallet hero.